PRESSURE 4.0
    The first recovery sandblaster connected to the Internet with a personal maintenance assistant and 6-years full-service warranty.
  • SABIX 28
    SABIX 28
    It is the sandblasting and surface treatment system that returns the materials to their original state without damaging them.
    A multifunction sandblaster that bases its operating principle on the humidification of the sand before it comes out of the nozzle.
    It represents the expression of the absolute quality that has always been sought after by our company.
    Dry ice sandblaster, it is synonymous with ease of use and maximum cleaning performance, with low compressed air consumption.
    They solve any need related to the treatment of pieces of all sizes.
Sandblasters types
Free blast sandblasting machines, Portable Sandblasting, Micro sandblasters, Graffiti removal, Conservative Cleaning
Application fields
Building, Building, Cleaning, Industry, Nautical, Stone, Bodywork
Hybrid free jet sandblasting machine

The Sabix Hybrid sandblasting machine uses a prevalent solid-state carbon dioxide flow, in the form of pellets, and a secondary abrasive flow. Hybrid sandblasting is a versatile cleaning method that adapts to multiple industries and applications.


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Further details

ulteriori dettagliFurther details

SABIX Hybrid combines the advantages of dry ice blasting with traditional sandblasting:

The system has been specifically developed to use a prevalent mixture of dry ice and a reduced percentage of abrasive which activates a BOOSTER effect of the jet.


Hybrid sandblasting exploits an innovative combination of forces: on the one hand, the dry ice acts as if it were a "thermal engine", on the other the abrasive agent acts as an "electric engine". This synergy generates a powerful flow, capable of exerting a double impact force.

Industrial sandblasting using traditional methods involves a considerable quantity of dust being raised and a laborious process of disposing of secondary waste.

Furthermore, it is well known that sand, residues, water and humidity deposit on the surface to be treated.

Hybrid sandblasting does not require inhibitors for oxidation and rust, therefore the treated surface is dry and free of residues, allowing the immediate application of a new coating.

We can also demonstrate that hybrid sandblasting can reduce the level of dust lift by up to 97%.


SABIX Hybrid advantages

•    Reduction of dust lift by up to 97%

•    Reduction of cleaning and disposal costs

•    No moisture and no residue

•    No drying time

•    It does not heat the surface to be treated

•    It doesn't require rinsing 

•    Double sandblasting intensity with BOOSTER function

•    Improved operator visibility

•    Environmentally responsible system


The evolution of hybrid sandblasting suggests a future based on more innovative and sustainable applications and machines, which will continue to revolutionise the way sandblasting is carried out.

Tackling any job with SABIX Hybrid means feeling confident that you can perform sandblasting operations of the highest quality, without any risk to the health and safety of operators and the environment. 



The SABIX Hybrid sandblaster does not raise dust during sandblasting, does not use water and reduces disposal costs.  

    Our method is our identity, it is based on listening and dialogue with the customer, analysis of the needs and the consequent search for the appropriate and sustainable solution. 
    Respect for the environment, the health and safety of the operator, are the foundations that drive us every day to seek sustainable and low environmental impact solutions.
    Our business philosophy is based on research and innovation: principles aimed at improving our systems and identifying the best solution for the customer.