PRESSURE 4.0
    The first recovery sandblaster connected to the Internet with a personal maintenance assistant and 6-years full-service warranty.
  • SABIX 28
    SABIX 28
    It is the sandblasting and surface treatment system that returns the materials to their original state without damaging them.
    A multifunction sandblaster that bases its operating principle on the humidification of the sand before it comes out of the nozzle.
    It represents the expression of the absolute quality that has always been sought after by our company.
    Dry ice sandblaster, it is synonymous with ease of use and maximum cleaning performance, with low compressed air consumption.
    They solve any need related to the treatment of pieces of all sizes.
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Sandblasting machines with recycling system
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Building, Cleaning, Industry, Nautical, Stone
PRESSURE 4.0 is the first recovery sandblaster connected to the Internet with a personal maintenance assistant and a 6-YEAR WARRANTY

Pressure 4.0 recovery sandblaster is supported by an innovative central suction unit.

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The recovery sandblaster Pressure 4.0 is supported by an innovative central suction unit, equipped with a simple and easy to use touch screen, composed of graphic icons.

This allows to access all the consultation and setting functions in just a few steps, while the main screen always displays a summary of the status of the suction unit.

An alarm warns you if something is wrong, just like on cars…

The special cyclone placed on the upper part of the sandblaster allows the separation from the dust and the recycling of the abrasive used.


  • The Pressure 4.0 sandblaster is equipped with a high-performance pneumatic cleaning system of the filter cartridge, with variable intensity, which allows an effective and rapid emptying of the waste powders into the special transparent collection drawer, a feature that always allows users to monitor the amount of waste to be disposed of.



It is possible to connect your central suction unit to our Fevi Cloud system and to register the suction unit of the sandblaster in the dedicated area, taking advantage of a special 6-YEAR WARRANTY.

The warranty covers all the components of the central suction unit and provides for the free supply of spare parts with the exception of those subject to wear.




The Pressure 4.0 consists of:








    Common to all versions of the Pressure Blaster range (Base, Max, Infinity, Bag), it is fitted with a 24 L pressure tank, with remote control located on the handle.


    The sandblasting / shot-blasting process that enables operation in the absolute absence of dust takes place via a gun body casting with a front brush. The system uses a handle with a front brush which, working in contact with the surface to be treated, eliminates dust dispersion in the environment allowing to fully recover and recycle the abrasive used, separating it from the generated dust.
    In the photo, the gun body is fitted with the optional "Double handle control handlebar". This handlebar provides great practicality while making it easier to use the sandblaster even on vertical surfaces.

    The central suction unit that accompanies the sandblasting unit guarantees the recovery of the abrasive used and of the dust generated during removal.
    The presence of a special cyclone on the upper part of the sandblasting unit allows the recycling of the abrasive used and the consequent conduction of the waste material inside the collecting drum.
    The separation between the powders and the abrasive allows a better sandblasting quality and a prolonged life cycle of the abrasive as well as several advantages:
    • Lower maintenance costs of wearing parts
    • Increased sandblasting speed
    • Greater safety for the operator

The first recovery sandblaster connected to the Internet with a personal maintenance assistant and 6-years full-service warranty.



Touch screen vacuum unit



Fevi Cloud, your personal assistant

Fevi Cloud is the innovative way of conceiving technology for central suction units. A cloud connection that allows for intelligent maintenance management, thanks to which the connected control unit receives a 6-year full-service Cloud Warranty.  

Fevi Cloud it is the heart of the central suction unit. Checks health and prevents aging
An alert warns you if something is wrong, just like it happens on cars


6-year full-service Cloud Warranty

Fevi strongly believes in the advantages that derive from maintenance through the cloud and wants to add one more: those who choose to connect their control panel to the Fevi Cloud system and register it in the dedicated area can take advantage of a special 6-year Cloud Warranty. The warranty covers all the components of the central unit, except for those subject to wear, and provides for the free supply of spare parts, only the costs of transport and assembly remain at the customer's expense.



Smart maintenance computer

  • Simple and immediate thanks to the graphic icons, with no language to set, the new touch screen is extremely easy to use. It allows customers to access all the consultation and setting functions in just a few steps, while the main screen always displays a summary of the status of the suction unit.


What the central vacuum unit detects

The new computer of the Pressure 4.0 central suction unit comes with a series of renewed messaging and diagnostic functions: the aim is to further simplify the installation and use of the central unit. In particular, the absence of written descriptions makes it possible to eliminate any language problems, while the controls available help both the user and the installer to check for any malfunctions.


The home page shows the main information and allows access to sub-menus

From the info menu you can see all the information on the status of the central suction unit

Some settings and the socket test are available in the settings

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Some explanatory videos of the Pressure range in the different versions are visible on our YouTube channel:

Sabbiatrice aspirante a pressione -  Pressure Blaster Max
Pallinatura acciaio inox - Pallinatrice industriale a recupero

schede tecnicheData sheets and downloads
    Our method is our identity, it is based on listening and dialogue with the customer, analysis of the needs and the consequent search for the appropriate and sustainable solution. 
    Respect for the environment, the health and safety of the operator, are the foundations that drive us every day to seek sustainable and low environmental impact solutions.
    Our business philosophy is based on research and innovation: principles aimed at improving our systems and identifying the best solution for the customer.