Aluminium oxide based abrasive

It is made up of a crystalline aluminum oxide, and stands out for it toughness and ability to rapidly abrade any type of material.

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It is particularly suitable for sandblasting with recycling, thanks to its high resistance to impact. Thanks to the various sizes and types it is possible to choose the level of abrasion suitable for every need.

CORUNDUM is not toxic and does not contain substances harmful for the health.  


Coriblast exceptional ability to quickly abrade any type of material



Coriblast has a wide range of applications for example:

  • Removal of rust, oxides and burrs from iron and steel constructions
  • Deburring and finishing of castings
  • Surface roughening, pre-painting, Teflon coating, plastic coating, rubber coatings
schede tecnicheData sheets and downloads

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An in-depth and detailed guide, specially created to help you understand which product is best suited to your needs and make an informed and thoughtful purchase.

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Questions and Answers
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