Sodium bicarbonate-based aggregate

Bic blast is a special aggregate based on purely synthetic sodium bicarbonate. Sodium is not a hard and aggressive material and is therefore suitable for cleaning sensitive surfaces. 

One of the essential advantages of this abrasive for sandblasting is its solubility in water.

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Further details

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Available grain sizes

(Main grain size category) 

Physical properties

Hardness: 2.0-3.0 mohs
Grain shape: angular
Specific weight: about 2.2 g / cm3
Bulk density: about 0.5-1.3 g/cm³
(depending on the size of the grain) 2.0 

Fields of application

  • Gentle cleaning on industrial moulds as it does not cause deformations and does not damage materials.
  • Gentle cleaning of engines and engine components
  • Paint removal
  • Cleaning of industrial plants
  • Restoration of monuments
  • Cleaning in the food industry
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