Pressure Blaster

Pressure Blaster dust collecting/pressure sandblasting machines

Sabbiatrici a pressione a recuperoFe.Vi. Pressure Blaster MaxThis sandblasting system uses a 24 L pressure tank, with remote controls on the handle.

The combined gun body and interior brush make for work without any dust while operating the sandblasting or bead blasting machine.

Waste material is separated by the monophase vacuum unit, connected to the blasting machine, which guarantees that the abrasive in use is collected in the tank. The collection unit alone receives the dust and debris byproducts.


  • Completely automatic function
  • Cart for easy movement
  • Faster sandblasting without dust
  • Low air consumption (7.5 HP compressor is sufficient)
  • 1200 watt vacuum motor
  • Polyester cartridge filter
  • Stainless steel collection unit
  • Regulate blast power from 2.5 - 10 bar
  • Abrasive nozzle made of boron carbide (4 mm diameter)
  • Weighs 70 kg
  • 900 mm x 600 mm x 1300 mm (h) dimensions


Gun body
Valve group

corpo pistola a recupero

gruppo valvole

Polyester cartridge filter
Container release


Sgancio contenitore



Mobil Blaster ®

The innovative " Mobil Blaster ® "® unit that can be mounted onto FeVi Aspire Blasters and Pressure Blasters offers:

A significant friction reduction
on the vinyl mask

Perpendicular and homogeneous
sandblasting on the surface

Easy maneuverability
Reduced wear of expendable materials

Deposited and patented model

Carrello  Mobil Blaster ®
Supporting arm


Thanks to this arm the blaster is really easy to use and handlece

Pressure Blaster is a pressure sandblaster, whose "PRESSURE" system is particularly suited to work on engraving, non-slip and antique-effect treatments on marble, granite and stone – extraordinary time and labour-saving device which also produces excellent results.

incisione di 10mm di profondità realizzata con la sabbiatrice a pressione Pressure Blaster-ingrandimento

Engraving 10 mm deep, using the pressure sandblaster, Pressure Blaster

effetto anticatura-bocciardatura su granito-ingrandimento-
Antique-effect/bush hammering on granite

lavorazione antiscivolo di granito-inmgrandimento-
Non-slip work on granite

Engravin over glass




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