Welcome to our new, free information and training tool, aimed at all those with doubts or uncertainties regarding the world of sandblasters.

Welcome to Fevi Channel, the new free information tool aimed at all those looking to purchase a sandblasting system, and all those with doubts or uncertainties regarding their use.


Through a series of short videos, we will take a look at the main technical aspects, with a view towards solving the most common, widespread doubts, such as for example the power of the compressor or the type of abrasive that should be used.


To develop episodes that are as helpful as possible to the greater public, we will take our cue from the hundreds of requests for information or assistance received and solved in the past twenty years of business in the sandblasting sector.

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#1 | Introduction to FEVICHANNEL

#2 | Compressed air
(Italian Version)

# 3 | in progress




Here you can read answers to some
of the most common questions on sandblasting.



The new free video training channel to better get to know the world of sandblaster



Technical sales assistance via webcam to view and learn about our sandblasters





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