“When I began this huge adventure, in a little garage in my early twenties, I already had a clear view of what were my goals: fully acknowledge my clients necessities and give real concrete and reliable solutions. With the development of sanders and industrial vacuums, in areas ranging from stone business to shipyards, from productions to industrial structures, my purpose has been, and will always be, to provide services, improved and innovative products, and be a role model for the staff.

I thank those who have joined my path and who have accompanied me, who for a short distance and others for longer distance, in these twenty years of steady growth.

Happy birthday FeVi"

Federico Viglioli
February 2017





first Marmomac by 1997Fe.Vi. was founded in Monticelli Terme (Parma) in 1997 thanks to the enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit of Federico Viglioli when he was only twenty years old.
At first the business included just a few pieces and everything was done in a small factory, but it was supported by an important ingredient: the passion for work. 
Federico Viglioli’s objective was to design, experiment and promote new sandblasting systems and systems for the treatment of surfaces.. .



1999 marks the year of his first big success with the
Sand Blaster machine which was the starting point for new ideas and the fulfillment of new ambitious objectives.



Over the years he developed a new concept for sandblasting by designing machines able to perform other machining techniques such as: engraving, decorating, restoration. These machines were very innovative for the time and in 2000 Fe.Vi. patented its first machine called
"Mobil blaster".


2002 -


In 2002 Fe.Vi. stood out for its strong internal and market growth. The business expanded and its commercial distribution network throughout the domestic territory and abroad increased enormously. Product quality and customer satisfaction have always been the two most important factors for Fe.Vi. Thanks to the contribution of the customers themselves and to better meet their requirements, Fe.Vi. designed and developed its plants also on the basis of a constant exchange of opinions to improve the product. Besides the basic equipment, the Company also supplies all the necessary consumer materials, offering assistance, technical support and post-sales assistance



During 2004, the requests of the increasingly demanding customers pushes Fe.Vi. to rise yet to another challenge: develop along the range of sandblasting machines for the stone sector, also a complete range of chemical products to treat marble and granite.



In 2007 Federico Viglioli has another successful idea. Thanks to the experience gained in the construction of vacuum sandblasting machines, Federico Viglioli decided to add another business sector to his already expanding activity and started marketing industrial vacuum units.



In 2008 the company presented an exclusive aero-hydro blasting system Water Blast, designed for obtaining sizable results in the industrial and construction fields.



Vacuum HeoloS In 2009, following great results in the vacuum field, Fevi presented the innovative HeoloS line of industrial vacuums, born to guarantee a superior and cutting edge level of quality.



In 2010, Fevi is a leader in progress and innovation: new products and new technologies are proposed for both business divisions.
The new Italjet, Transformer, and Pressure blaster Max sandblasting machines represent the confirmation of the company's development and philosophy. 
The Industrial vacuum division adds to the range of the HeoloS line, but it above all solidifies its own position on the market, adding the pneumatic transporter and central vacuum divisions.



Sabix R2011 is a year of important new developments: the first
numerically-controlled sandblaster “Sab jet”, is officially presented at the Marmomacc International Fair in Verona.
In the same year, the ecological cleaner Tornado FeVi, is also introduced, a great new development which revolutionises the current cleaning and surface treatment systems: FeVi increases the number of its customers in the multiservice and industrial cleaning sectors.
The range and choice of portable sandblasters is widened with Sabix R and Pressure Blaster plus.



In 2012  the industrial vacuum cleaners division welcomes the new technology offered by the Lautos,Series-brand,born to ensure maximum performance in extreme conditions  where, a continuous use or the connection to working production apparatus, are  involved.
Another important new development of  FeVi is the birth of the new website  www.aeropulitura.it where Aniclean ”Aero cleaner” is presented, for the cleaning of anilox rollers and hoses.



2013 stands out as the year that the Lautos Mini single-phase series was introduced to the world of industrial vacuum cleaners. The sandblasting industry welcomes the ISab pressure sander and the absolute quality of the sandblaster featuring Pressure TOP recovery.



Pressure max2014 marks the renewal of Pressure Blaster recovery sandblasters, and in addition to a well-timed restyling, new models Pressure MAX and Pressure Infinity have also been inserted. Worth mentioning is the new Fevi Live communication channel via streaming, a support tool for sales and after-sales assistance.



Fevi Channel 2015 kicks off with a focus on communication, exemplified by the birth of FeVi Channel, the new free training channel. Fevi, forever attentive to the needs of its clients, also sets up a new toll-free number for assistance: 800 951 591 .  Also worth noting is the company’s entry into the shipbuilding sector thanks to a special range of recovery sandblasters.



2016 will be remembered for the worldwide preview presentation, at TanExpo 2016, of Multimedia Micro-sandblasting www.librodeiricordi.it, a microincision system using QR code technology.  The absolute star of 2016 no doubt remains the patented Tornado Fevi system, thanks to the continuously increasing number of units available in the market. FeVi  also consolidates its own communication strategies, joining various social networks and inaugurating its new dedicated responsive website, www.tornado-fevi.com


FeVi 20th anniversary
2017 marks a very important milestone: 20 years of business. A result achieved with great determination, sacrifice and respect for customers.


FeVi for bodywork

2018 marks the entry in the Car Refinishing sector with the presentation of Italjet 3R and the 3R process, for the regeneration of alloy wheels in the bodywork sector.


FeVi for Cleaning
Fevi introduces a new line of systems for eco-friendly cleaning of surfaces.
The Company is able to consolidate its brand in the Cleaning sector by taking part in the “Pulire 2019” international fair.



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