Air Saf AS1

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casco protettivo autoventilato Air Saf as1

caschi portettivi autoventilati


Air-saf AS1 is the only auto ventilated helmet on the market that rests solely on the shoulders due to its well balanced chest flap, designed to fit the contours of the body.
It has been studied specifically for labor-intensive jobs;
inside the helmet, the head is completely free 
to move; additionally, the panoramic visor provides exceptional vision. 
It comes equipped with an air flow controller with a safety device. Should power flow to the helmet go below the allowable minimum, it emits an audible alarm. 
Additionally, an active charcoal filter is screwed on the air flow controller, which eliminates solid particles and the smell of oil.



Overview of the Air Saf AS1 protective helmet

Technical data

Filters One active charcoal filter
Visor External glass layer, movable
Polycarbonate internal layer, immobile
Power Compressed air, min. pressure of 3 bar, max. pressure of 5 bar
Air flow Adjustable, min. 165 L/min, max. 280 L/min
Classification EN 271 Class III
Size Soft rubber chest flab
Adjustable for all sizes

Individual parts

Parti di ricambio

1 Head piece 8 Elastic
2 Glass screen 9 Filter
3 Clasp 10 Air regulator
4 Rubber chest flap 11 Belt
5 Outflow air valve 12 Flow regulator
6 Corrugated tube 13 Compressed air tube
7 Elastic neck flap 14 Collar



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