abrasive substances for sandblasting

There are multiple scopes for sandblasting, and for this reason it is indispensable to accurately consider your choice of abrasive..


For quickly carving marble or granite
or to remove build up from any type of very resistant material, use CORIBLAST,particularly for vacuum blasting jobs (for example Italjet cabinet blasters or pressure blasters ). This high-performance, efficient abrasive can be reused many times until its abrasive capacity is completely diminished.


For free jet sandblasting jobs 
(for example with the SABIX sandblaster) it is recommended to use a more convenient and above all natural abrasive ( Garblast / Garnet ) that combines high abrasive power with low consumption.  Depending on the type of usage, thanks to the anti breakage quality of Australian almandine granite, GMA Garnet - Garblast can be reused from four to 10 times.  For completely environmentally friendly sandblasting, and for finishing, buffing, or burring blasting, we suggest ECOBLAST abrasive, made from crushed nut shells or fruit kernels, such as hazelnuts and almonds. The product obtained is ground in order to achieve the consistency desired by the user.


For non-invasive sandblasting jobs
(on fairly delicate materials, for example) usually performed with bead blasters, we choose MICROLUX, made of glass microspheres. It can generally be used for glass making, industrial machinery, grinding, welding, aviation, precious metal working, dentistry, galvanization, chrome plating, and press cleaning.

Other abrasives are available for more specific types of jobs: ZIRBLAST is made from ceramic microspheres. The impact resistance of this product greatly diminishes the consumption of the blasting material, and consequently the involved cost of use.

If you are currently removing calamine from drawn wire, pellet blowing aluminum or bronze, pressed or cast objects, tiles or cement blocks, or cleaning surfaces with turbine blasters, we offer STEELBLAST, available in spherical or sharp-edged granules.

Our technicians will be able to clearly advise the best suitable abrasive, reviewing with you the job to be performed, always providing you with the best cost/consumption/quality relationship.

Abrasivi per sabbiatura




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