CPA - CPB series Screw Compressors

Airblock FeVi Screw Compressors

The CPA-CPB Fevi screw compressor series is a product recognised for its indisputable ease of use, reliability and long life, features that make this range of products ÔÇťthe screw compressor rangeÔÇŁ par excellence, thanks also to the excellent qualities evidenced during use in hard and intense working conditions. The two asymmetric rotors of equal diameters are mounted on high quality low-wear bearings. The high pressure performance and the very low tolerances of the rotors are guaranteed even in case of low power operation.

The craftsmanship, superior efficiency, durability and reliability of the Fevi CPA-CPB compressors ensure consistent performance over time.

Airblock FeVi Screw Compressors

CPA model screw compressor without tank

Airblock FeVi Screw Compressors

CPB model screw compressor without tank

The CPA-CPB Fevi series produces dry and clean air, suitable for most needs. The absence of moisture and solid and liquid particles ensures that it will not compromise or damage your sandblaster in any way. The CPA-CPB Fevi series is designed to offer an extremely low residual oil content. The air-oil separator has a large surface area for oil separation, which also leads to a reduction in pressure drop and better energy efficiency.


  • Screw groups designed internally
  • Continuous use including in harsh working conditions
  • Long lasting straps and adjustable tensioning system for excellent performance
  • Easy maintenance
  • Complete and compact solution
  • Low noise levels allow for installation close to the workplace
  • 270 or 500 L air tank
  • Refrigeration air dryer
  • Automatic condensation drainage
  • Line filter
      • Professional and technically clean workmanship.
      • Dry intake filter with silencer.
      • Asymmetrical oil bath screw for maximum efficiency.
      • Three-phase class F IP55 electric motor.
      • V-belt drive with guided alignment tensioner.
      • High efficiency oil tank with 2 or 3 ppm air/oil separator filter.
      • Oil level indicator on the external part of the machine.
      • External pre-filter easily removable for cleaning.
      • Elegant, sound-absorbing and powder-coated cowling.
      • Steel base, designed for access and transport from three sides.

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Airblock FeVi Screw Compressors Airblock FeVi Screw Compressors Airblock FeVi Screw Compressors



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